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Artist Statement


My goal, when creating a work of art is to communicate, on multiple levels at once, directly to the viewer.  I see art as a timeless communication; often used to express a passage of thought from one mind to another. Some art conveys a thought such as, a tree, an apple, or some flowers. I strive to add to that communication with a bit of a moment, an emotion, a dream or some spirit.

Current Project


Canvas-less is a mixed-media, texture painting series that is a break away from Path Entanglement.  The paintings are created free from a canvas, with gesso, yarn, acrylic paint and other materials.  These paintings challenge the concept/definition of “painting.”  Due to their nature, a different painting is formed based of its surroundings, method of display, (hung on the wall, or suspended) and the observer’s point of view.

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