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Poem Inspired from Seeing Crystal's Event Horizon:

Drop over the edge, there's nothing below.

It's so very quiet to fall down the hole.

And yet there's a push, a subtle restraint,

A feeling this may be part of my soul.


Down, down, drawn to a singular spot,

Where colors swirl and patterns whirl

Around in a minimal space.


Drop down in the middle of somebody's brain.

Maybe the void has a name and refrain.

Maybe the dark isn't all that is there.

Faintly, orange wisp-lets mold the terrain.


Down, down into nothing at all.

See how the art speaks from the heart

And it all has a place.


In the bright-lit sky are trailings of string.

Stark contrails left when fingers un-cling,

That weave, shape, and paint in impossible truths,

To share in the hope, the quest, and the dream.


Down, down, through canvas and time

To hope in the end good intentions are sent

Where something pleasant waits.










Michael Heavener - Poet, Member of RASP (Redmond Association of Spokenword)

Redmond, WA

Crystal is an imaginative, hard-working, wonderful artist.










Heather Ryan Kelley - Painter & Professor

Lake Charles, LA

Crystal is professional, engaging, prompt, and has great follow through. As an artist she was able to engage with
the community in ways that made her art accessible and enriching. It was a pleasure to work with an
artist like Crystal, and would do so at any time in the future.










Sara Pelfrey - Owner of SoulFood Books and Cafe 2006 - 2013

Redmond, WA

I worked with Crystal this past fall when she had a showing in the Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center.

Crystal is very easy to work with. She has a strong vision for her work and she is very professional. Crystal presented a very interesting display which was well received by visitors of all ages to the Community Center.

I truly enjoyed working with Crystal and having her work on display and I strongly recommend working with her as an artist.










Tami Cobb - Program Coordinator, City of Redmond

Redmond, WA

The City of Redmond has had the pleasure of working with Crystal Edwards on a couple of occasions and
we appreciate her professionalism and responsiveness. The city has guidelines and expectation for our
artist and at times it can seem like a lot of paperwork and expectations but Crystal was willing and got
materials in on time and completed it well. Her showing at the senior center was well received and
during her artist meet and great was able to share with others her work and what inspires her. One of
our teen center staff members was able to stop by and they connected for other project ideas.

We like working with artist that are flexible and willing to see where else they can connect and Crystal
has been that artist for us. In the interactions she had with us she was very easy to work with and was
able to meet our agreements and had a great show. We would recommend Crystal to others looking for
artist to work with.











Ken Wong - Teen and 50+ Program Administrator, City of Redmond

Redmond, WA

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